Monday, March 3, 2014

Goals for the Month

Happy Monday blogland!  I had a great weekend with my little family and it's back to business today.  I spent some time over the weekend thinking about some goals for the next month or so and what I really need to do about my health and fitness.  Of course I can't think about weight loss without thinking about clothes!  So, after seeing the #sameshirtdifferentgirl idea from Jess at Operation Skinny Jeans, I dug out my favorite pair of jeans that are too small and I put them on.  Yikes.  Goal discovered!  I want to fit back into these jeans in the next month.  I'll try them on again on April 1st and check out how I've done!  Here's the painfully true evidence of the work I need to do.

Obviously my trouble zone is my belly, so I'll be working hard to lose that!  It'd be nice to put those on in April and not look like a sausage squeezed into it's casing!  

Being a SAHM with no income, we are on a super tight budget around here so I can't really fit it in the budget to join some program or a gym so here's the "I'm on a budget" plan:  

Clean, real,  foods.  No grains/very limited dairy.  CUT OUT THE SUGAR (my biggest weakness). I'll basically be following a Paleo approach.  I try to eat this way normally because grains upset my tummy big time anyway.  I'm not perfect and I've failed many times, but I just have to take it one meal at a time and remember how crap food makes me feel.

On the exercise front, I've downloaded this ebook from Way of Gray.  They're HIIT workouts that go hard for about 30 minutes.  I'll try to do these at least 5 days a week.  I may do some other light walking with my mom, and of course I'll be playing with my H every day!

I'm looking forward to getting this weight off and keeping it off once and for all!

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