Friday, March 14, 2014

Cheers To The Freakin' Weekend

Happy Friday everyone!  So sorry I've not written in two whole days.  These allergies really have gotten me down.  The weather has been bipolar and there is so much pollen in the air, everything outside is coated in a layer of yellow.

My day has started out great!  Woke up to find out that I'd won 2nd prize in Fab Chick Gets Fit 10K Giveaway.  SO excited about this!  If you haven't checked her out before, please do!  Her journey has been so inspiring to me and her humor is on point.  

I'm pretty sure I'll be participating in her 90 Day Swimsuit Challenge - don't look for before pics though...not quite ready for all that.  Maybe in 90 days!

So, I'm going to spend some time today while the munchkin is napping deciding what workout I'm going to do for 90 days and getting my meal plan all done.  I'm looking forward to some good results and the motivation and accountability will be so good for me.

Hope your weekend is wonderful!  I'll see you again here on Monday!


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