Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Late, Late, Late Weekend Update

I know it's Wednesday already, but I had a great weekend and it kind of spilled over into the beginning of the week!  Never a bad thing.

We had family in town so there was a lot of family time and fun hanging out.  Friday we went shopping and my cousin spoiled H with some new clothes for spring/summer and of course we can't leave without at least one toy!  Then we went with the whole family to a local mexican restaurant so that meal was a big thumbs down for my 90 Days 'Til Summer Challenge.  And you know what - it wasn't even that good.  Wasted calories!

Saturday we had plans to celebrate our 14th anniversary, so H stayed the night with Grandmommy and Poppy.  Can I just insert right here that I have the best parents on the planet?  They do so much for us and H just loves them to pieces!  J and I went to see Divergent and then to try a new local seafood restaurant, The Half Shell.  It was so good!  I had crab cakes, bacon wrapped green beans, and a few sweet potato fries.  I liked it because it wasn't your typical huge plate with loads of food - they were appropriate portions of fresh seafood and I didn't feel stuffed afterwards.  Which was good because - you know - we were celebrating our anniversary (bow chicka wow wow).

At the restaurant above and our first married kiss below :)

We didn't take the fam to the airport until late Monday evening, so Tuesday I spent all day doing all of the typical cleaning and catching up that I missed over the weekend.

And now it's Wednesday and here I am.  It's freaking 40 degrees today which stinks because it was near 80 over the weekend.  Maybe this bipolar weather will relax soon and we'll be complaining about how stinking hot it is come August!

So, back to the grind today.  I gotta get back on the workout train for sure!  Check y'all later!

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