Monday, March 10, 2014

Encouragment For The Journey

I'll be honest.  I've had a terribly hard time getting into and sticking with healthy eating and exercise.  It's like there's been a block in my brain and my "I don't give a f*@*" switch has been stuck firmly in the on position.  So it really helped me flip that switch when I got this text yesterday from my cousin:

You see, she's diabetic and has been struggling with health and weight for a while.  Just to know that she wanted to let me know that she's making a serious effort to get her health back is enough to flip that switch in my head back to OFF!

It's funny how just a little note from someone is enough to really change your train of thought.  I'm so very glad she sent me that text!  It's great to get some encouragement and a little motivation to start off a new week.

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