Monday, March 17, 2014

I Better Put This Out There Before I Lose My Nerve

I've committed to participating in the 90 Days 'Til Summer Swimsuit Challenge with Val, Marcy, and Jess.  I wasn't going to put up my before pics just yet but I've seen so many of you gals putting yourselves out there I figured what the before I lose my nerve, here it is:

Of course H was curious as to why mama was taking pics of herself in a swimsuit while it's raining outside. :) This is a swimsuit I've had for probably two or three years.  I hate shopping for suits because 1) DUH...flab and 2) Big Ass Boobs don't fit in your normal off the rack suit.  Also they cost a million dollars.  I've always said if I could lose the weight I would have those suckers reduced.  We shall see.

A few goals...1) Lose fat - especially around the middle and in my thighs.  2) Say goodbye to the double chin. 3) Work on my Miley ass.

Now, I'm ready to make the next 90 days my bitch!  At home, on a budget, I WILL see some damn results!

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  1. Such a cute suit!!! I bought what I thought was a really cute one but turns out it is a regular 16 and not a 16w. Crazy to think it makes that much of a difference but I can't get it past my hips.. =( SO that is my 90 day challenge suit!!! lol